"Om" Antitick-collar

No more chemical "Antitick-Collars"! Chi-Dog is offering exquisite and pretty Antitick-Collars for our heros on four paws.


The Antitick-Collar is made out of EM-ceramicpipes, 100% cotton/hemp twine and is decorated with different colors (wraps) with cotton yarn and individual charms (cotton, gold-/silver) as well as wooden beads.


We offer the colors "Natur", "Braun" and "Asche" as basic-colors. The wrap-colors can be choosen individual.



IMPORTANT: The collar is a necklace for your dog and not meant to be a maincollar. It will break under pulling.


Measuring: Please check out our measuring-instructions here!

 Find here the  wrap-colors.

Order additional charms here.


IMPORTANT: Write down the wrap-colors and head-size in "Anmerkungen zur Bestellung/My Wishes". Thank you!




Waht is "EM"?

EM-ceramic is a clay in which "effective microorganisms" were burnerd-in under absence of air. The effective microorganisms can not volatilize themselves anymore.


How it works:

The resonance vibration of EM-ceramic is very aggravating for ticks as well as flees and other parasites. In order to that it helps to prevent from ticks and Co..


Like with any other "Antitick-Product" we can not guarantee you a 100% protection of ticks but with EM-ceramic you choose a 100% natural and organic product which is free of any side-effects.


"OM" Antitick-collar

CHF 30.00

  • 0.05 kg
  • 2-4 Wochen/Weeks