"The Sherpa" Collar


Our "The Sherpa" Collar is our colourful hikingcollar. It comes martingale vesion together with a small mountain shaped lucky charm.


Ropes have been a very important gear that joins  the true adventurers of the big mountains on theyr expeditions for over so many years.

For our Sherpa Collection we use a soft polyester based rope as it is very resistant against dirt and easy to clean. No matter if your Doggie likes to climb up the mountains high or dive into a lake - our "THE SHERPA" Collar is always ready for a new adventure. Get also the matchin "THE SHERPA" Leash.


In Addition to that we use the following materials:


  •  Polyester-rope (10mm in different colours: Olive, Türkis, Skyblue, Rosa or Bordeaux)
  • Massive O-Rings (brass or stainless steel)
  • Darkbrown Biothane
  • Leatherwrap


 You can also add different charms (gold-/silver or from cotten yarn) to your order here.

 We kindly ask you to check the measuring instructions for measuring your dogs neck!

Please notice that you can NOT ADJUST the martingale collar!


IMPORTANT: Please write down the colour of the collar and the neck sitze in

"Anmerkungen zur Bestellung/My Wish" when you order.

Dogcollar "The Sherpa"

CHF 35.00

  • verfügbar/available
  • 2-4 Wochen/Weeks