"The Wild Spirit" Collar


Woof, wohuu and off to freedom - "Stay wild and free!"

"The Wild Spirit" Collar is inspired by the motto of our furry CEO Chinook and our bouncy and happy dog Makoyi. It is a sturdy Biothane-Collar, which we have decoradet with a lovely pattern stitched by hand and a peace-sign (in PINK or BLUE).


 The collar comes as an adjustable (please tell us the necksize) or as a martingale one (please head- and neck-sitze). Have a look at our measuring instructions.


S (28-35 cm, 15mm wide)

M (35-41 cm, 20mm wide)

L (40-50 cm, 25mm wide)


 In addition to that we use the following materials:


  • Biothane (choose out of three different brown)
  • Massive D-Ring (stainless steel or brass)
  • Solid buckle (stainless steel or brass)
  • Waxed cotton-twine / waxed hemp-twine for stitching



 You can also add different charms (in gold/silver or tassels from cotton yarn) to your order. 

Check out the biothanecolours .


IMPORTANT: Please write down the biothanecolour and neck-/headsize and if a MARTINGALE or ADJUSTABLE COLALR in

"Anmerkungen zur Bestellung / My Wish" when you order.



"The Wild Spirit" Collar

CHF 40.00

  • 0.16 kg
  • verfügbar/available
  • 2-4 Wochen/Weeks