"The Sherpa" Leash

Our "The Sherpa" Leash is our colourful hikingleash.

Ropes have been a very important gear that joins the true adventurers of the big mountains on theyr expeditions for over so many years. For our Sherpa Collection we do use a soft polyester based rope as it is very resistant against dirt and easy to clean. No matter if your Doggie likes to climb up the mountains high or dive into a lake - our "THE SHERPA" Leash is always ready for a new adventure.

Get also the matchin "The Sherpa" Collar.


We currently offer the Sherpa leash as a "Cityleash".


Used materials:

  • Polyster-rope (10mm in different colours: Olive, Türkis, Skyblue, Rosa or Bordeaux)
  • Scissors carabiner (stainless steel or brass)
  • Leatherwrap


Lenght Cityleash

  • 150cm or 200cm


You can also add different charms in gold/silver or from cotton yarn) to your order.


IMPORTANT: Please write down the wished colour of the Leash in "Anmerkungen zur Bestellung / My Wish" when you order.


"The Sherpa" Leash

CHF 30.00

  • 0.16 kg
  • verfügbar/available
  • 2-4 Wochen/Weeks