"The Vagabond" Leash

The Chi-Dog leash "The Vagabond" matches perfectly to the collar "The Vagabond".

The leash can be ordered in two versions: As a City-Leash with a handle on the end or as a leash which you can adjust 3 times.


We put a personal and custom-made nametag out of "SnapPap plus" (a vegan leather) on the leash, in which we stamp every single letter by hand. In addition to that pretty wraps out of waxed cotton / waxed hemp twine give the leash its extra spark of color.



Why do we use "SnapPap plus" instead of leather for the nametag of this leash?

"SnapPap plus" is a modern fabric, which can even be washed in the washing machine (up to 30 degrees). It has a leather-like visual appearance, dries faster than leather, is sturdy and durable and is lighter than leather. It is perfect for Dogs that hike, surf, swim, dive, speed across beaches and which do enjoy many more adventures. 


 In Addition to that we use the following materials:


  •  Darkbrown biothane (16mm wide)   
  • Massive O-Ring (stainless steel or brass)
  • 2 solid carabiners (stainless steel or brass; for the City-Leash we use a different one as you can see in the pic.)   
  • Wraps out of waxed cotton-twine / waxed hemp-twine
  • "SnapPap plus" for nametag   


Length of adjustable leash:

  • footage: 165 cm
  • Length 1st adjustment: 85 cm
  • Length 2nd adjustment: 115 cm 
  • Length 3rd adjustment: 135 cm


Length of City-Leash:

  • footage: 130 cm


     You can also add different charms in gold/silver or from cotton yarn) to your order.


Check out the wrapping-colors here.


IMPORTANT: Please write down the wrapping-colors and the main color of it in "Anmerkungen zur Bestellung / My Wish" when you order.

"The Vagabond" Leash

CHF 45.00

  • 0.16 kg
  • verfügbar/available
  • 2-4 Wochen/Weeks